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Founded in June, 2002, Chinese Journal of Difficult and Complicated Cases is a comprehensive academic journal specialized in reporting intractable diseases in China. It is under the charge of the National Health Commission and sponsored by the Chinese Medical Association. This journal implements the policy of "letting hundreds of flowers bloom and hundreds of schools of thought contend", and carries out open and multi-directional academic exchanges. Adhere to the combination of theory and practice, popularization and improvement, modern medicine and traditional medicine, and pave the way for the establishment of a medical system with Chinese characteristics. Adhere to the tenet of "innovation" and "practicality", and truly achieves "leading the trend, gathering the essence, being close to the clinic, and serving the readers".

Based on the principle of "specialized subject as major and comprehensive subjects as supplement", this journal focuses on the new theories, new achievements, new progress, new therapies, new drugs and new experiences of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, malignant tumors, respiratory diseases and other difficult and rare diseases. This journal is China’s core scientific and technological journal (the statistical source journal of Chinese scientific and technological papers), and has been included in varies of domestic databases such as "Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database", "Chinese journal full text database", "Chinese Biomedical Literature Database", "Chinese scientific and technological journal database", as well as important foreign search journals and databases such as Chemical Abstracts (CA) of the United States, the database of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Poland "Copernicus Index (IC)", "Ulrich's Periodicals Directory ". It has been awarded excellent journal by the National Health Commission, the Chinese Medical Association, the Hebei Provincial Press and Publication Bureau for many times. According to the 2021 edition of the Citation Report of Chinese Scientific and Technological Journals (Core Edition), the impact factor is 1.082, In clinical medicine comprehensive 39 journals comprehensive evaluation total score discipline ranked 11. The impact factor of the Annual Report of Impact Factors of Chinese Academic Journals is 1.531, It is located in Q1 area of clinical medicine general journals.

This journal has set up columns such as commentary, original article (clinical research, basic research), collateral disease forum, rare cases report, difficult cases discussion, troubleshooting, review, etc. Organize, plan and launch special columns for the research of various difficult diseases regularly every year, such as the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, tumor prevention and treatment, respiratory disease, etc.

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