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Submission requirements
Time:2022-05-26 Source:YiNanBingZaZhi

1. Basic requirements: All manuscripts should be progressiveness,scientific, guiding and practical.Authentic data, reliable data, clear arguments, rigorous structure and refined text are required.

2. Letter of recommendation: All manuscripts should provid letter of recommendation of the author’s unit, which should indicate the review opinions on the manuscript, as well as the items such as no duplicate submission, no confidentiality and no dispute over the signature.

3. Author information: Please indicate the name, highest educational background, professional title and work unit of the first author. Multiple authors can designate a corresponding author. The first page of the manuscript must indicate the name of the corresponding author who contacted the editorial department and his(her) detailed mailing address, phone number and E-mail。

4. Funding program: If the paper is supported by national or ministerial or provincial funding program or is a key research project, please footnote it below the author's signature on the title page, and attach a copy of the fund certificate, which can be reviewed and published with priority.

5. Manuscript processing: If the author fails to receive the manuscript processing notice within 30 working days after receiving the receipt, it shall be deemed as rejection. The manuscript will not be returned,please keep the manuscript for yourself. All manuscripts shall be responsible for their own writing. According to the Copyright Law, this journal can modify and abridge the text of the manuscript for publication, and any modification involving the original intention will be submitted to the author for consideration. The emendation for paper shall be sent to the author by E-mail, and the author's revised paper shall be sent back in Word format. If the revised paper is not returned within one month, it shall be deemed to be automatically withdrawn.

6. Relevant fees: After the manuscript is reviewed and confirmed to be published, the page fee shall be paid according to the published edition. After the publication of the manuscript, remuneration (including the remuneration for other forms of publication) will be paid to the author, 2 copies of the current issue will be sent to the first auithor for free by post.

7. Submission method: We only accept electronic submission, login to our website (https://ynbz.cbpt.cnki.net) to contribute. Text images must be original or emailed (TIF or JPG format). Photocopies are not allowed. Paper manuscripts are not accepted.

8.Copyright issues: Once accepted and decided to be published, all authors should sign the "copyright transfer agreement" to grant the exclusive license and exclusive agency right of copyright to the Journal. Without the written permission of the Journal, the author should not authorize others to compile, reprint or publish any part of this article in any form.

9. Withdrawal of the paper: The editorial department has the right to withdraw the manuscripts with the following problems after publication . (1) Papers proved to have serious academic misconduct (including fabricating data and tampering with data) or non subjective errors, so that the findings and results reported in the paper are not credible. (2) Papers with plagiarism.(3) The research reported in the paper violates medical ethics.(4) Duplicate publication; (5) There are serious defects in the manuscript publishing process. Once verified, the editorial department will deal with it in accordance with the requirements of the "Recommendations of Chinese Journal of Difficult Complicated Cases on the withdrawal of papers after publication".

10. Medical ethics and informed consent: When the subject of the paper is human subjects, the author should explain whether the procedures followed comply with the ethical standards formulated by the Human Trial Ethics Committee (regional or national), and indicate whether the subjects or their relatives have signed the informed consent. When the subject of the paper takes animals as the research object, it is necessary to explain whether it has followed the regulations of the unit and the state on the management and use of experimental animals.

11. Statement on conflict of interest: When submitting a manuscript, the author needs to submit a public statement on conflict of interest, specifying various economic and non economic interests. If all authors believe that there is no actual or potential conflict of interest, they should state "all authors declare that there is no conflict of interest" at the end of the text and put it in front of the references. 12. Author's contribution statement:The original article must provide the author's contribution statement, which states what specific work each author has done for the research plan, implementation and report. It is recorded at the end of the text and in front of references.

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