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Copyright and Copyright-fee declaration
Time:2022-09-26 Source:YiNanBingZaZhi

After the submitted papers are determined to be published, the magazine signs a copyright transfer agreement with the author and pays the relevant copyright fees to the author(Copyright fee standard: 50-100 RMB/1000 words for generally submitted papers, and no less than 200 RMB/1000 words for invited papers).

The author grants the magazine the exclusive license right and exclusive agency right of the copyright. The magazine legally obtains the following exclusive rights to use the articles: compilation right (part or all of the articles), distribution right, reproduction right of printed and electronic versions, and translation right, The right of information network dissemination and the right to license domestic and foreign literature retrieval systems or databases.

All right reserved by the Chinese Journal of Difficult and Complicated Cases.No content published by the journal may be reproduced or abridged without authorization.All articles published represent the opinions of the authors, and do not reflect the official policy of the Chinese Journal of Difficult and Complicated Cases or the Editorial Board, unless this is clearly specified. 


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