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Call for Papers for a Collection of Rare and Rare Cases in China - Volume 3
Time:2023-02-07 Source:YiNanBingZaZhi



uncommon diseases, short for rare and uncommon diseases, is a relative concept that refers not only to uncommon or uncommon diseases in terms of overall incidence, but also to uncommon, uncommon diseases. But diseases that are particularly rare in a certain region, season, age group, sex, or location. A rare disease is defined as having an incidence of less than 0.1% in a population. 0.1% ~ 1.0% were rare diseases, and more than 1.0% were non-rare diseases. More than 150 new diseases have been identified since the 1970s. There are more than 7000 kinds of genetic diseases, most of which belong to rare diseases, so it is a long-term task to study rare diseases. In May 2018, the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Medical Products Administration and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly issued a document confirming 121 rare diseases in the national version of the Rare Diseases List.

In order to further promote the scientific research of rare and rare diseases, collect typical cases of rare and rare diseases, and sort out the clinical results of rare and rare diseases, the magazine of Difficult Diseases organized related medical experts to co-compile the second Volume of Rare and Rare Cases in China, which was planned to be published by Hebei Science and Technology Press for national distribution.

Each volume of this series contains 300, 000 to 500, 000 words, including 50 rare and rare cases, which is of high academic value. 16 open, hardcover, coated paper color printing. Open to the whole country.

Each volume includes 3 chief editors, 5 deputy editors and several editorial board members. The format of each case mainly includes: essay title, case introduction, discussion and analysis, references, and author introduction.

Special note:

1. A publishing fee of 1500 yuan will be charged for each article. After the book is published, two books will be donated and listed as editorial board members.

2. For those who apply to serve as chief editor or deputy editor, the fee is 5,000 yuan for chief editor and 3,000 yuan for deputy editor. Among them, the chief editor donated 8 books, and the deputy editor donated 6 books. There are 3 chief editors and 5 deputy editors. Seats are limited.

Let us work together to promote academic research on rare diseases.