《YiNanBing ZaZhi》2022 Vol.21,No.11
  • Research progress on biological functions of SUV39H1
    Author:Jian Jun,Liu Xiuheng,Wang Lei. keyword:SUV39H1; H3K9 methylation; Human histone lysine methyltransferase; Epigenetic modification
    SUV39 H1 is the first human histone lysine methyltransferase(HMT) discovered, which can specifically methylate H3 K9, participate in the formation of heterochromatin and gene silencing, and then play an epigenetic role in regulation. Recent studies have found that SUV39 H1 has both anti-tumor and carcinogenic effects, and plays an important role in the regulation of tumor occurrence and development. In addition, abnormal expression of SUV39 H1 was found in many disease processes, indicating that it is widely involved in various pathophysiological processes. This article reviews the research on the relationship between SUV39 H1 and various disease processes in recent years, summarizes the regulation mechanism of SUV39 H1 in the process of growth, development and disease occurrence and development, and provides new ideas for the diagnosis and treatment of related diseases.
  • Nephrin 在足细胞狭缝隔膜上的作用研究进展
    Author:Wu Huimin* ,Zhong Jian. keyword: Nephrin; The slit diaphragm; Proteinuria;
    Nephrin is the first molecule identified as the extracellular component of the slit septum(SD), and is considered to be the main body of the extracellular part of SD. Nephrin not only acts as the core component of the extracellular SD filtering network, but also mediates important cellular signaling pathways in podocytes through the interaction of its short intracellular regions. It is closely related to other components of SD in structure and function, and plays an important role in the structure, organization and function regulation of SD. The dysfunction of Nephrin on the foot cell slit membrane is related to the occurrence of several glomerular albuminuria, and Nephrin may become the target of new therapy for glomerular albuminuria. This article reviews the characteristics of Nephrin and SD and the relationship between them.