《YiNanBing ZaZhi》2023 Vol.22,No.2
  • Research progress on the relationship between intestinal bacteria and metastasis of breast cancer
    Author:Tang Jie , Wei Wan .Feng Ziyu, Ren Yi. keyword:Breast cancer; Metastasis; Gut bacteria; Immunoregulation;
    Breast cancer is one of the most common tumors among women in the world, and it is also the main cause of cancer related death for women. The main cause of death is metastasis. With the development of tumor research and the progress of diagnostic technology, intestinal flora has been found to be related to the occurrence and development of breast cancer, and participate in the metastasis of breast cancer in the process of material metabolism, regulation of the immune system, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the impact of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. This article reviewed the correlation and mechanism between intestinal flora and breast cancer metastasis, in order to guide clinical and scientific research work.
  • treatment progress of no-reflow phenomenon during PPCI for acute ST-segmentelevation mvocardial infarction
    Author:Ma wen ying,Wang cheng hua ,Jin hai jiao,Qi guo qing keyword:Acute ST⁃segment elevation myocardial infarction; Primary percutaneous coronary intervention; No⁃re⁃ flow; Treatment
    Direct percutaneous coronary intervention (PPCI) is considered to be the best strategy for reperfusion in
    patients with acute ST⁃segment elevation myocardial infarction. Coronary no⁃reflow (NR) phenomenon is characterized by
    slow epicardial blood flow or no antegrade blood flow on angiography , but there is no evidence of mechanical vascular obstruc⁃
    tion. This phenomenon often leads to insufficient myocardial perfusion and poor prognosis. How to prevent and treat NR is
    a major problem to be solved in clinic. In recent years, some drug and non⁃drug methods have been put forward and have a⁃
    chieved certain therapeutic effects. This article reviews the progress of NR treatment.